In the News: 2018 California Priorities Summit

The Sacramento Bee and McClatchy convened various state leaders for the California Priorities Summit. The goal was to discuss and share solutions to  critical policy issues facing California. The summit included interviews and panel discussions with advice for the Newsom administration and the state legislature (the discussion was also shared on Twitter via #Advice4Gavin)

At the summit, Ramakrishnan chaired a panel on housing and transportation that included Eric Bauman, Chair, California Democratic Party; Kathryn Phillips, Director, Sierra Club California; Angie Wei, Chief of Staff, California Labor Federation; and Jim Wunderman, President & CEO, Bay Area Council.

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In the News: “California elections: Leaders say close House races are Key”

California Influencers, including CSI Director Karthick Ramakrishnan  answered this question on the November 2018 Elections: What will be the most important result to come out of  November’s election?

“The most important election result will be the turnout rate in California, particularly among young voters and communities of color. The state has implemented a slew of measures to make voting and registration easier, and we saw a relatively high level of voter engagement during the June primary.”

Ramakrishnan joins prominent California leaders including Janet Napolitano– University of California, Barbara Boxer– United States Senator, Daneiel Zingale– Senior Vice President, California Endowment on California Influencer’s series.

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In the News: “California politics must accommodate growing share of Asian-American voters”

In an op-ed published in the Sacramento Bee, CSI Director Karthick Ramakrishnan made the case for greater investments in the large and fast-growing Asian American electorate: “Hopefully, [the 2018 elections] will prove to national and state political parties the value of Asian-American voters and increase the kinds of investments that Democrats and Republicans alike make in ensuring robust participation among the state’s fastest growing racial group.”

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In the News: “41 Latinos in Congress. 2 races still undecided”

This article by the Associated Press, published in various outlets including the New York Times, notes that the number of Latino members of Congress will increase following the 2018 midterm elections. Professor Francisco Pedraza, co-director of our Civic Engagement Group at CSI-UCR, noted the significance of these gains.

“Francisco Pedraza, a political scientist at University of California, Riverside, thinks a small increase in the number of Latinos in Congress is very important because it happened despite redistricting that followed Republican victories in the 2010 election.

‘In 2014 and in 2016 elections it was not that obvious,’ Pedraza told The Associated Press. ‘Today we see the importance of all the changes brought after the 2010 election.'”

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CSI Welcomes Associate Director Marlenee Blas Pedral

The Center for Social Innovation is pleased to welcome Marlenee Blas as its new Associate Director. Marlenee brings a wealth of experience from her prior roles as a counselor in the UC Riverside Career Center, where she led the university’s work study engagement with employers both on and off campus. She helped found the Butterfly Project, which provides internship experiences and professional development to undocumented students, as well as UCR Career Closet, which provides professional attire to students trying to gain a foothold in the job market. In 2015, Marlenee completed a Fulbright Fellowship in Brazil, where she studied affirmative action policies, affordability and access to higher education. Raised in the Inland Empire, Marlenee is eager to build strong, thriving partnerships in the region and serves as an elected Board member of the Greater Riverside Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Marlenee received her B.A. in Global Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara and her M.Ed. in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of Vermont 

In the News: Ramakrishnan Given Frederick Douglass 200 Honor

CSI Director Karthick Ramakrishnan was honored as one of the recipients of the Frederick Douglass 200, which is a “project to honor the impact of 200 living individuals who best embody the work and spirit of Douglass across those areas where he had such an impact – abolitionist, politician, writer, feminist, educator, entrepreneur and diplomat.” Ramakrishnan joins prominent national and regional leaders including Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Shakira, Benjamin Barber, Viet Thanh Nguyen, and more.

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In the News: “How congressional candidates pitch themselves to Asian-American voters”

This article in NBC News profiles Congressional candidates and their attempts to court the rapidly-growing Asian American and Pacific Islander electorate.

The article notes that Asian Americans could end up swinging races in 27 congressional districts across 11 states, according to AAPI Data, a project of the Center for Social Innovation at UC Riverside.

“Turnout will be key, which for midterm elections has particularly been a challenge for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, said Karthick Ramakrishnan, founder and director of AAPI Data and a public policy professor at the University of California, Riverside.”

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In the News: “In Orange County, 24 Vietnamese Americans are running for office. 13 share the same last name”

This Los Angeles Times articles explores the dramatic growth of Vietnamese American candidates in Orange County, with a whopping 24 Vietnamese descent candidates–thirteen of whom share the same last name.

“It shows the power of the Vietnamese at the ballot box, spreading their influence in central O.C. politics,” said Karthick Ramakrishnan, professor of public policy and political science at UC Riverside. “What you’re seeing now is the seed that was planted decades ago when the first Vietnamese ran and succeeded.”

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In the News: “Study of immigrants in the Inland Empire reveals diversity, growth”

“One out of every five residents in the Inland Empire – nearly 1 million people – is an immigrant, and that population is growing.

“Yet the region of Riverside and San Bernardino counties isn’t necessarily associated with immigration. Instead, it’s sometimes connected to white flight, or older communities where people flock for lower-priced housing.

“A report released this week by UC Riverside’s newly created Center for Social Innovation is looking to change that. The 20-page report – billed as a first-ever detailed look at immigrants in the Inland Empire – offers demographic information that reveals a complex, growing world of immigrant communities in the two counties and contrasts those groups with similar immigrant populations throughout Southern California.”

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