Redistricting in California Workshop: Mapping, Demographics, & the Law

By Center for Social Innovation |

On Tuesday, April 6, 2021, the Center for Social Innovation at UC Riverside and California Common Cause hosted a webinar titled Redistricting in California Workshop: Mapping, Demographics, and the Law.

District lines have enormous power. Redistricting can keep people with common interests, identity, language, and history bundled together so they can effectively advocate for themselves and make their voices heard in local affairs. Or it can gerrymander them and silence their voices. Where lines are drawn helps determine who wins elections, and in turn, which communities have representation and what laws or policies are passed.

Join us for a one-hour webinar that shares the federal and state law that govern redistricting processes for city councils, county boards of supervisors, and school districts. We will also provide demonstrations of two simple tech tools meant to help community members and organizations draw maps for submission in local redistricting processes. 


  • Karthick Ramakrishnan, Director, Center for Social Innovation, UC Riverside
  • Jonathan Mehta Stein, Executive Director, California Common Cause
  • Loren Collingwood, Associate Professor, University of New Mexico
  • Kiyana Asemanfar, Program Manager, California Common Cause
  • Dan Vicuña, Redistricting Manager, California Common Cause

Please contact for any questions to the CA Common Cause team. You can also reach Loren Collingwood here

Resources & Links

Please visit for fact sheets, guides, a community of interest template, and a train-the-trainer presentation. 

Create your own maps! Visit and




Webinar Recording: