Social Innovation Fellow

Social Innovation Fellows

 The Social Innovation Fellowship is a leadership program for undergraduate students at UC Riverside who are passionate about social impact, and who want to ensure that research and community engagement improves the lives of people in the region. 

The fellowship also enables students to prepare for full-time employment by receiving hands-on experience working with local leaders on topics such as: demographic or policy research; service provision and implementation; community organizing and engagement; event management; grant writing; volunteer coordination; financial administration; and media/communications.

The fellowship also involves monthly workshops on topics that pertain to social impact and nonprofit management. This opportunity qualifies for internship credit as well as federal work-study programs.

Students can apply today via UCR Handshale

Job ID#: 7659100



  1. Wide exposure from the Center for Social Innovation and its partners including government agencies, community organizations, and other stakeholders,
  2. Engagement with each other and with the Center for Social Innovation’s workshops, trainings, and events, and 
  3. A financial stipend/hourly pay.