Asian Americans favored Democratic candidates in midterms, exit polls say

By Kimmy Yan |

“That’s what’s been blowing up on our family’s WeChat,” Yeung said.  

She’s among the many Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who showed up at the ballot box Tuesday. Surveys show that Asian Americans favored Democrats during the midterm elections, according to election night exit polls. An NBC News Exit Poll found that 58% had voted for Democrats, while 40% had voted for Republicans. 

Sara Sadhwani, a senior researcher at the nonprofit demographic and policy research group AAPI Data, said the results are consistent with those of years past, proving that Asian Americans have emerged as a Democratic bloc with “growing reliability.” But the trend isn’t static, she said. 

“Nationally, Asian Americans are in play in some of the most competitive battleground states and swing districts,” Sadhwani said. “While many communities of color are trending towards the Democratic Party, they cannot be taken for granted.”

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