Shaping our Future Together: Join Us for the IE 2030 Strategies and Commitments Session on May 22!

By Gary Rettberg |

We're thrilled to announce the upcoming IE 2030 Strategies and Commitments Session, a pivotal event that we hope will help shape the future of the Inland Empire. This session is an opportunity for all community members, leaders, and stakeholders to come together and contribute their ideas, insights, and commitments towards creating a more equitable, sustainable, and thriving region. Mark your calendars for May 22nd and join us for an engaging and productive discussion that will help us turn our shared vision into reality.

Date: May 22nd

Time: 10am-11:30am PT

Location: Zoom (link will be provided)


Embrace the Power of Strategies:

During the session, we will dive into actionable strategies that will guide us in achieving our collective vision for the Inland Empire. Strategies are the stepping stones that bridge the gap between our aspirations and tangible outcomes. They encompass policies, programs, initiatives, and partnerships aimed at addressing the region's challenges and unlocking its full potential. By collaboratively developing and refining these strategies, we can create an inclusive, innovative, and sustainable future for our community.

Commitments for Lasting Impact:

Alongside strategies, commitments play a vital role in bringing about real change. Commitments are the promises we make as individuals and organizations to actively contribute to the implementation of strategies. By making meaningful commitments, we ensure that our efforts are aligned and focused, leading to tangible outcomes that positively impact the lives of all Inland Empire residents. This session will provide a platform for discussing and making commitments that will drive us closer to our shared goals.

Join the Conversation:

We invite you to be part of this crucial conversation and contribute your unique perspectives, ideas, and expertise. The IE 2030 Strategies and Commitments Session is a space where your voice truly matters, and your insights will shape the trajectory of our region. This is a chance to engage with fellow community members, leaders, and organizations who share a common passion for the Inland Empire's future.

Through collaboration, we can tap into the collective wisdom and creativity of our community. Together, we will explore innovative approaches, address potential challenges, and unlock opportunities that will propel us towards a more vibrant, equitable, and sustainable Inland Empire.

Please RSVP to secure your spot at the IE 2030 Strategies and Commitments Session. We encourage you to invite friends, colleagues, and anyone who shares an interest in shaping the future of our beloved Inland Empire.

Together, let's build a future that reflects our shared values, aspirations, and commitment to the well-being of all Inland Empire residents. We look forward to your participation and the positive impact we will create together!

Gary Rettberg

Research Manager, Center for Social Innovation, UC Riverside