IE Nonprofit Fellowship





The Youth Mentoring Action Network was founded in 2007 with the mission of leveraging the power of mentoring to create a more equitable and just society for young people. Founded by two veteran educators who understood the importance of making solid connections with young people, they recognized that young people were at their best when their voices were heard and they felt fully supported.

With those foundational elements in place, the youth they mentored thrived: graduating from high school on time, going off to college, and staying in college once they got there. 100% of our young people have graduated from high school on time with 99% continuing to college. 100% of those who go to college stay in college until graduation. Since 2007, YMAN has been fostering connections with young people in order to help them thrive through in high school, college and community.


The mission of the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice is to bring people together to improve our social and natural environment. We do this by developing indigenous leadership, community organizing through strategic campaigns and building a base of community power.

The Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ) is a progressive, base-building, non-profit organization bringing communities together to find opportunities for cooperation, agreement and problem solving in improving their social and natural environment. Using the lens of environmental health to achieve social change, we work within communities to develop and sustain democratically based, participatory decision-making that promotes involvement of a diverse segment of the community in ways that empower the community.


The Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Coalition (IEIYC) is an undocumented youth-led grassroots organization in the Inland Empire. We are committed to creating a safe space for immigrant youth regardless of legal status, race, gender, sexuality, educational background or other intersections that are crucial to the undocumented identity. We aim to achieve equal access to higher education and justice for our immigrant community by empowering those who are most affected.
The IE-IYC empowers immigrant youth to advance immigrants rights through policy advocacy and conduct direct actions to hold the immigration system accountable for it abuses. We focus on leadership development, community outreach, campaign development, coalition building, and communications to reach our goals.  We believe in shifting the DREAMer narrative, calling for an end to detention and deportation, and advancing policies that expand access for immigrants.


The Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice, is composed of 35 organizations that serve the immigrant community in the Inland Empire. The IC4IJ currently focuses on advocacy, changing the narrative, and capacity building. Our coalition engages in policy advocacy, community organizing and education, and rapid response to ICE and border patrol operations. We are collectively changing the narrative of the one million immigrants who live, thrive, and are a foundational part of the fabric of the IE. We are building organizational capacity through leadership development, cooperation, support networks, and shared regional strategies. Lastly, the IC4IJ provides resources such as training, technical support, and grants to coalition partners to further support their efforts and mission in the region.


Danielle Rucker

Danielle Rucker, UCR MPP Student

Danielle Rucker received her Bachelor's of Arts in Public Health Policy at the University of California, Irvine and will be graduating with a Master's in Public Policy at the University of California, Riverside this upcoming spring. Her interest in Public Policy developed into a passion for research as well as the improvement of health, environmental, and racial and immigration disparities caused by policy implementation or the lack thereof. She has spent the majority of her life in Riverside, California and desires to make a lasting impact.

Mariela Loera

Mariela Loera, UCR MPP Student

Mariela Loera is a second-year student in the MPP program at UCR. She graduated from UCR with a degree in Sustainability Studies. She was born in Mexico and immigrated to the Inland Empire with her parents as a young girl. Her two passions are protecting the environment and working towards social justice, and therefore her career goal is to work in the realm of environmental justice in the Inland Empire. She is interested in environmental justice especially when it comes to helping vulnerable communities, like immigrant families. She is specifically passionate about working with the community in order to give them a voice at the table and develop creative solutions to deal with environmental justice issues. She has entered the world of policy because she sees it as a great tool to reach this goal. Her career goal is to work in the Inland Empire to work with the community in which she grew up.

Marlene Chavez

Marlene Chavez, UCR MPP Student

My name is Marlene Chavez-Martinez and I graduated from UCR last year with my Bachelor's in Sociology. Now, I am back at my alma mater as a second-year graduate student pursuing my master’s degree in Public Policy with a concentration in immigration and race. I seek to acquire the proper knowledge, skills, and credibility to serve as a policy advocate for the interests of our migrant community here in the Inland Empire. This is the place I grew up and call home, so I aspire to leave a long-lasting impact that can be sustained for the next generation to come. My goal is to immerse myself more with the immigrant population by doing community-based work in the region. I strive to engage with residents so that we can learn from their insights and experiences to better serve their needs. Their input is crucial and may allow us to address their concerns more efficiently. I want to be dependable, trustworthy and make connections with those who are pushing to help our community evolve. I am determined to garner more attention and awareness to our area. I do this with the intention of contributing to the wellbeing of immigrants and their families as much as possible. Given the years of education and exposure to these realities, I hope that my perspective will provide an inclusive, all-encompassing, and significant transformation in the region. I also grew up with the endless fear and possibility of my father being deported, so I strive to minimize the anxieties within parents and their children in any way I can. I am dedicated to utilizing my position and make the most out of my opportunities to promote the safety and protection of others.

Tamara Marquez

Tamara Marquez, UCR Class 2020

Hello, my name is Tamara Marquez, and I recently graduated from the University of California Riverside with a Bachelors on Media and Culture Studies and a double major in Spanish. During my college career I participated in internships and fellowships where I focused on photography and social media. During this fellowship I want to focus on social media and the communications department to shine a light on the immigration system and detention centers in the Inland Empire. At the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice I will have the opportunity to learn more about the communications department and social media in a way that will use social media platform to inform community members.