Biden as President could make India and US a stronger ally

By Indica News |

Indian Americans, although a minority with less than 2% of the US population, has grown into a highly influential community in the country.

In a strong pitch to get their support for Joe Biden, former Indian-American diplomat Richard Verma said that if elected, he could help India get a permanent seat on the United National Security Council.

Indian Americans have largely sided with Democrats in the past. In this election on November 3, they can do more, Democrats believe and put former Vice-President Joe Biden in the White House.

Indian Americans of voting age are insufficient numbers in these states to obliterate Trump’s lead and put Biden across the finishing line, Democrats have argued. There are an estimated 4 million people of Indian origin in the United States, but only about a third are eligible to vote — 1.3 million, according to AAPI Data.

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