Trump Gets Double Digit Jump in AAPI Data Poll of Indian American Voters

By Sunita Sohrabji |

While two-thirds of Indian American voters said they planned to vote for the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris presidential ticket, President Donald Trump got a surprising, almost double digit, jump, according to the results of the AAPI Data survey released Sept. 15.

In 2016, 77 percent of Indian Americans voted for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, while just 16 percent voted for Trump. Seven percent voted for an “other” unnamed candidate.

In 2020, however, 65 percent of Indian Americans surveyed said they intend to vote for Biden, while 28 percent intend to vote for the re-election of Trump. Six percent said they were undecided.

If undecided voters follow patterns of previous years, Trump will get 30 percent of votes cast by Indian Americans, said Karthick Ramakrishnan, founder and director of AAPI Data, which released the results of its survey in a joint briefing with Indiaspora Sept. 15 evening.

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