IE students disciplined disproportionately, study finds


A report from the UC Riverside Center for Social Innovation finds disproportionately high discipline for Black and Native American students in Inland Empire schools.

“These racial disparities persist, even though there have been some notable reductions in overall suspension rates due to changes in state policy and local practices,” reads the report, “State of Education Equity in the Inland Empire.

In 2001, the suspension rate for Black students in the Inland Empire was 14.8 for every 100 students; in 2018 the rate was 10.9 suspensions for every 100 students. That rate is still much higher than the rate of four suspensions per 100 white or Latino students, and one suspension per 100 for Asian students, the report states.

Higher rates of school discipline are tied to negative outcomes later in life, such as incarceration. Researchers have described this phenomenon as the “school to prison pipeline.”