In the News: Misled and misinformed: Why Vietnamese voters make up the largest Asian demographic in favor of Trump

By Hana Dao, The Stanford Daily |

"Historically, most Asian American voters tend to vote “blue,” and many Asian Americans found themselves voting for Joe Biden for this year’s election. By most, I mean every Asian group aside from Vietnamese voters. A recent poll survey done by advocacy groups — AAPI Data, APIA Vote and Asian Americans Advancing Justice — in September 2020 found that Vietnamese voters were more likely than any other group of Asian Americans to vote for Trump. Vietnamese American voters have also been very vocal for their support of Trump: MAGA rallies have been held by Vietnamese Republicans in Santa Ana, California, and Houston, Texas. 

Vietnamese voters have always tended to lean Republican, so to some it may be no surprise that they are sticking to party loyalty and voting for Trump. This pattern reflects that of Cuban voters, who also tend to lean more conservative than other Latino groups — perhaps because both Cubans and Vietnamese refugees fled communist regimes thus sharing similar political views. Even so, the spread of misinformation that runs rampant through Facebook and other social media platforms has also contributed significantly to their strong admiration for Trump and the villainization of Biden."

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