Poll: 1 out of 4 Asian Americans have experienced a hate incident

By Niala Boodhoo, Axios |

One in four Asian Americans has experienced a hate incident, while more than two-thirds have been asked "where they're really from," a poll from Survey Monkey and AAPI Data published Tuesday has found.

  • The poll asked English-speaking adults to ask if they ever had been a victim of a hate crime, verbally or physically abused or experienced property damage specifically because of race or ethnicity.

  • Respondents were asked if that happened before the pandemic, last year or this year.

"It seems like there is something about 2021, where Black folks, Latinos and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, there’s not a statistically significant difference when it comes to experiencing hate experiences. But it’s not to say that we’re all experiencing racism the same way." AAPI director Karthick Ramakrishnan