‘It’s Our Turn’: Asian Americans want a place at the head of the table

By Ela Dutt, News India Times |

Karthick Ramakrishnan, professor at University of California, Riverside, and founder of AAPI Data which has carried out significant research and conducted surveys of Asian Americans on various issues of importance, said there was a need for more investments, more research, and more attention being paid to the Asian American community. “In order for the community to be strong and influential we need a wide variety of investments,” Ramakrishnan told Desi Talk.

At AAPI Data, which is a non-partisan academic group, much of the research is done with community organizations, Ramakrishnan noted.

“Given the importance of Asian Americans within the Democratic Party and national politics more generally, an organization like this (AAPI Victory Alliance) will play an important research function. We see this effort as aiming to be more influential in national politics and Democratic Party circles,” Ramakrishnan said.