Black and Asian Americans Stand Together Against Hate Crimes

By Zijia Eleanor Song and Noreen O'Donnell, NBC Philadelphia |

A recent survey from SurveyMonkey and AAPI Data shows that white supremacy harms people from all racial minorities. The survey finds elevated levels of experiences of hate crime and hate incidents across all communities of color. Among Asian Americans and Latinx surveyed, 27% report experiencing hate crime and hate incidents, higher than the national average of 22%. Black and multiracial respondents report a level of 34%, the highest among all communities of color.

The report also shows that Asians are more likely to face discrimination or micro-aggressions based on their presumed “foreigner status,” and are asked “Where are you from,” whereas Black people are subject to racial stereotypes related to criminality and violence.

“That to me points to the possibilities for coalition building and solidarity,” said Karthick Ramakrishnan, founder of AAPI Data. “This is not to say that racism affects all of our communities equally. It affects our communities in different ways.”