State’s green-energy momentum grows, but even more urgency may be needed – Press Enterprise

By Martin Wisckol, Press Enterprise |

New technologies like hydrogen are expected to be part of the energy mix, but solar and wind power, and the storage of energy created by these energy sources in the absence of the sun or wind, is clean energy. It is the center of the trend.

Agreement Last month, the installation of windmills floating in the federal waters off Morro Bay and Humboldt Bay between the Byden administration and California was touted as a benefit to the state’s wind power, and these turbines will respond on the ground. It is expected to take in strong winds from more directions than turbines. ..

Next, there is an unknown uplift on the road to 100% green power. Moderator Karthick Ramakrishnan, director of the Center for Social Innovation at the University of California, Riverside, said “probably the details of the devil,” when some panelists largely avoided discussions about future obstacles.

However, panelists at both events clarified other details, such as the need to help low-income residents and businesses use clean energy. These people and businesses are least likely to bear the initial costs of electric vehicles and solar equipment, but are most likely to suffer the health consequences of fossil fuel emissions.