Four UC Berkeley units will take on key California public policy problems

By Public Affairs, Berkeley News |

Four UC Berkeley research entities have received research awards from California 100, an ambitious statewide initiative to envision and shape the long-term success of the state. The awards, along with technical assistance from the Institute For The Future, will enable the Berkeley Institute for Young Americans, the Center for Environmental Public Policy, the Graduate School of Education and the Terner Center for Housing Innovation to evaluate current facts, origins and future trends in issues critical to California’s next century.

All projects will commence this summer to be complete by December 2021 and will lead to a set of policy alternatives for the future of California. These alternatives will be developed in conjunction with research teams from 12 other issue areas and will be coordinated by Henry Brady, director of research of the California 100 Initiative and former dean of the Goldman School. “We are excited to work with our research partners who are international experts in their issue areas,” Brady said. “We will not only develop a comprehensive knowledge base on various policy issues, but we will also offer actionable recommendations for the California 100 Commission and the larger public to consider.”

The California 100 Commission is a multi-generational advisory body that will develop recommendations for the state’s future and test those across a broad set of policy areas by directly engaging Californians. Karthick Ramakrishnan, executive director of the California 100 Initiative, is tasked with assembling and engaging the commission and ensuring that the research stream intersects with the initiative’s other activities, including advanced technology, policy innovation and stakeholder engagement.

“From climate change to aging populations and rapid changes in industry, California will face enormous challenges in the years ahead,” Ramakrishnan said. “We are fortunate to be able to draw on the deep talent of researchers in California to produce evidence and recommendations that will inform robust public engagement and set the state on a strong, long-term trajectory for success.”