Hindi among top five languages spoken by Asian Americans: Expert

By The Hindu |

At 79 percent, immigrants from Burma have the highest LEP rates among Asian Americans and it is notable that even among the Asian American immigrant groups with lower LEP rates, about one-third of the population faces challenges communicating in English, he told the Senators.

Mr. Yang said despite popular misconceptions, including misleading surveys that excluded Asian Americans with limited proficiency in English, Asian Americans have suffered tremendous financial hardships during the course of the pandemic.

“Compounding devastating health and financial impacts on the Asian American community is the onslaught of anti-Asian hate. We have seen racist harassment and violence toward Asian Americans who are wrongly blamed for COVID-19 since the emergence of the pandemic,” he said.

More recent findings from an AAPI data survey carried out in March 2021 reveal that "Black and Asian American respondents were the most likely to say they worried 'all the time' or 'often' about being the victims of a hate crime (31 percent), followed by native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders (24 percent), Latinos (19 percent), native American Indians (16 percent), and whites (8 percent)."