Initiative Reimagines the Next Century in California

By Megan Jamerson, KVCR News |

An ambitious new initiative, called California 100, is seeking to transform the future of the state for the next century.

The universities and institutions that make up California 100, will provide research and test out projects around 13 issue areas and the intersections between them. For example, in order to mitigate climate change, they will look at long-term solutions that include not just the environment but also housing and transportation to meet emissions reduction goals.

Planning for future generations may be new for western societies, but it’s not for many indigenous traditions, said California 100 Executive Director and U.C. Riverside, Professor Karthick Ramakrishnan. "I think there’s a growing recognition that the future of our society and the future of our planet depends on doing more of that,” said Ramakrishnan.