Meet the 5 small Indian ethnic wear brands that are making a mark globally

By Palak Agarwal, SMB Story |

Irrespective of which part of the world you hail from, Indian ethnic wear is sure to catch your attention. The design, embroidery, and weaving techniques that are a part of a traditional ensemble don’t just grab eyeballs, but also represent Indian traditions and culture. 

Each Indian ethnic wear brings its own history, charm, characteristics, and beauty. That’s why many homegrown brands are making efforts to popularise such artisanal work across the world. 

Over the past couple of years, the global ethnic wear market is experiencing growth due to the emergence of new trends and the global reach of brands amid digitisation.

According to AAPI Data, Indian-Americans are the highest-earning ethnic group in the US, having a median household income of $139,000, which is over 10X of a middle-class family in India. For nearly 180 million Indians globally, this creates a potential market.