Woman Tells Asian Man Anti-Asian Hate Doesn't Really Exist: 'I'm Over That Whole Narrative'

By John Curtis, Comic Sands |

The woman backed up her belief Asian hate doesn't exist based on the fact she didn't "see the Asian community out there protesting over Asian hate"—something @charleschoiboy quickly corrected her on.

A recent report by AAPI Data revealed more than two million Asians and Pacific Islanders found themselves met with harassment, discrimination or even violence since the start of the pandemic.

But the woman remained unconvinced Asians face discrimination of any kind, and then declared she was a person of color.

Not backing down, the woman then asked @charleschoiboy if he, personally, "felt oppressed" and if so, how?

When @charleschoiboy declared he felt oppressed because he was a minority in the United States, he was greeted with groans from the woman and her two friends.

One of those two friends was an Asian woman, who scolded @charleschoiboy by telling him "Don't jump on the bandwagon dude."

Not convinced by his answer, the original woman demanded a more specific example of how he was being oppressed.