5 Things California: Data sharing framework, Q&A w/Dr. Le Ondra Clark Harvey, Abortion ballot initiative

By Eli Kirshbaum, State of Reform |

Of the 13% of Asian American Californians who reported having mental health issues last year, only 46% of them said they received the care they needed. 54% of AAs said they experienced financial stress resulting from being the caregiver for their family, and 11% suffered physical or mental health problems as a caregiver. AAPI Data recently released a policy report offering recommendations to improve the health of AA/NHPI Californians, which include improving state-to-local care coordination and providing family caregivers with in-language support.

The report recommends increasing the AA/NHPI community’s awareness of public programs, as NHPI seniors are the racial demographic with the lowest enrollment in Medicare, and AA seniors are less likely than white seniors to be enrolled. Another recommendation is to create more opportunities for trusted CBOs to partner with the government and pursue initiatives to improve the health of the AA/NHPI populations.

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