Let’s do more than just celebrate the Latino community. Let’s invest in it


Each September we celebrate the influence and contributions of Latinos in the United States. We are educators and entrepreneurs, farmworkers and first responders, attorneys and artists– and so much more. These celebrations are particularly salient in the Inland Empire, where Latinos are now the majority of the population, 51.5%, according to the 2020 Census – and growing.

But the Latino community deserves more than just one month of symbolic recognition and platitudes. We need increased investments from public, private, and philanthropic sectors that tackle the real disparities confronting our communities, and that strengthen the organizations doing frontline work to support our families, year round. The future outlook for the Inland Empire rises and falls based on the progress we make with respect to its Latino population.

A new report released by the UCR Center for Social Innovation in partnership with the Inland Empire Community Foundation (IECF) evaluates the latest census data to show where Latinos are excelling and where need exists in the Inland Empire.

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