Warnock campaign releases ads in Vietnamese, Mandarin, Korean to mobilize AAPI voters


“I’m proud to call Georgia home, but I’d be embarrassed to call Herschel Walker my senator,” the voters say in the ads. “So I’m doing my part and voting for Reverend Warnock in the runoff on Dec. 6. I hope you’ll join me.”

The digital ads range from 18 seconds long to 24 seconds long and will run throughout Georgia on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and as pre-roll video.

The Warnock campaign is zeroing in on AAPI voters after data showed that Asian American voters surged in Georgia between 2016 and 2020. According to AAPIData.com, the demographic grew by 84 percent — or 61,000 votes — in the Peach State within that time frame.

Additionally, exit polls from this month’s midterm elections found that Asian Americans broke for Democrats over Republicans. NBC News reported that 58 percent of Asian Americans voted for Democrats while 40 percent supported Republicans, according to its exit poll.

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