Georgia Is A Perfect Example Of The Growing Power Of Asian American Voters

By Zoey Khalid |

“We are seeing correlations between surges in early vote turnout and overall turnout, so it would not be surprising to find that the AAPI gains over 2018 in early vote turnout are reflected in overall turnout as well,” Tom Bonier, the CEO of TargetSmart, told Vox.

As the group’s population has grown, both parties have ramped up their outreach to AAPI voters, though both still need to do more to lock them down. While AAPI voters continued to skew Democratic in 2022, a higher proportion voted for Republicans this cycle than in 2018, per exit polls. That shift comes as Republicans have dialed up their investment this cycle, including opening more community centers in districts with higher concentrations of AAPI voters, and recruiting AAPI candidates. According to a July Asian American Voter Survey conducted by APIAVote, AAPI Data, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice, an increasing segment of the group is also identifying as independent, a sign that they’re still open to both parties.

AAPI voter engagement in Georgia — which first surged following investments by Stacey Abrams’s 2018 gubernatorial campaign — has continued to grow for a number of reasons including ongoing local organizing, the impact that voters saw themselves having in 2020, and the rise in AAPI political leaders and representation in public office. The state legislature now includes a historic number of AAPI lawmakers, a development that has been meaningful for many of the voters they represent.

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