Asian Americans most likely to join employee diversity groups but don't feel supported, report says

By Kimmy Yam |

Asian Americans are most likely to participate in employee affinity organizations, but don’t feel sufficiently supported within their companies, a new survey shows. 

Research recently released by AAPI Data and polling firm Momentive revealed that despite their particularly high levels of participation in employee-led resource groups (ERGs) — twice the rate of workers overall — Asian Americans continue to feel left out of corporate diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. 

The study, which examined diversity across American life, found that Asian Americans participate in employee-led groups at 16%, far exceeding the 8% of workers overall. While more than half were motivated to do so to connect with others, 44%, said they were driven by professional growth opportunities and 39% cited the opportunity to raise awareness and inclusivity within their organization. 

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