Stephanie L. DeMora


I'm a PhD student and my subfields are Mass Political Behavior and American Political Institutions. Most of my research is on gender and politics. I have an Associate's degree in Liberal Arts, Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies, and a Master's degree in Comparative Politics. I have a couple of publications in public policy (Policy & Politics; Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties) and another in gender and politics (British Journal of Political Science). 

I’m also heavily involved in the Gender Lab in my department which conducts research on a wide variety of topics as they relate to gender. I am fortunate enough to have been granted awards that allowed me to study at the ICPSR Summer Institute in Michigan and the Digital Humanities Summer Institute in Victoria, Canada. From these experiences, I became highly interested in learning the quantitative skills that I now use regularly at CSI. I am a proud Graduate Research Mentorship Fellow and have been awarded funds to conduct further research from the Center for Ideas and Society at UCR to continue the work on my dissertation.

When I got to my graduate program, I began working with scholars invested in American politics and the diverse groups that make the U.S. what it is. Through and because of all of this, I ended up at UCR conducting research that, I hope, can have an impact here at home. My research today is largely me-search in that it revolves around gender and inequality broadly-speaking. I hope to use my degree in a way that allows me to continue my work in these areas.

I'm a researcher at CSI and I have primarily worked on our Census related projects but also do some work on the major reports that we put out and have helped with the AAPI blog in the past.

I'm inspired by the quality work CSI does and continues to do well. I have really enjoyed seeing the community partners (particularly those I interviewed during our State of Women in the Inland Empire work) become really interested and involving themselves in conducting this kind of research. CSI’s impact goes beyond the data and numbers in this way.